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We repair and damage floors to change the colour, into preserving and restoring of the beauty of wood floor.

Drum floor Sander is the machines we used for floor sanding, this machines is amazing to sand down a bad floor.

You can now start rough edging, This means using the 6 or 7 inch disk sander you should like rented or borrowed along with the belt or drum sander. This machine is use for sanding the rest the floor where the main belt sander can’t reach around the edgers of the floor, in bay window areas of hallways for now we will just assume we are sanding 1 square area. Rough edging is pretty much the same grit as you used with the main sanding machine. You want to be flattening and cleaning any given area before we move on. If the floor is flat you just want to remove the previous finish and/or scratches, and move on don’t sand off too much or leave dents in the floor.

Initial sanding with creates deep scratches, we remove the deep scratches leaving shallower

Scratches. A fine grit paper removes shallower scratches that leaves surface that appear smooth. A floor make brand new and attractive to your eyes. Floor is the most beautiful in our house. We make sure that to make floor sanding is detailed that make attract to our lovely customers.


The method of floor sanding is to make not creating as much dust as before. The different ways of technique, we use decrease dust a mission up 90% percent our company is outstanding base on sanding machines that are connected to vacuum filter. Which is to minimize the dust. A hard wood flooring can last a lifetime, if you get it sand blasted by a professional. We use sanding machine, so that it will be easier and will not take long.

Connecting to a vacuum doesn't just cut down on dust. It actually allows your random orbit

Sander to work faster. Even with the sander’s built in dust collection system, the sander rides on a thin cushion of dust that prevents full contact between the Grit and the Wood. So, by increasing dust removal, A vacuum improves sander efficiency on some sanders m hooking up to a vacuum doubles the sanding speed.


First thing you need to do is shake your can of stain before pouring it out into your paint kettle.

Mix all cans of stain together, we used masked and gloves, before we staining the floor.

- Start brushing the stain into the edge of the floor

- Back wall about metre to a metre and half.

- Down the other wall along the ends of the boards.

We provide good quality and outstanding for our finish products.


The look of varnished hardwood floors, finish that brings out woods and natural beauty,

Without the hassles and wear resistance floors with character imagine textured floors designed

To hide marks and scuffs of daily life.

- Semi Gloss

Standard for prefinished hardwood floor medium

Bright finish. That makes your floor shines.

- Matte finish

A silky matte a families with children pets or for high traffic area at home.

Wear and tear we provides great looks and durability for easy maintenance.

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